Distributor Cleaning High Pressure Water Jet Pump

PT. Putra Andalan Perkasa is also a distributor cleaning high pressure water jet pump of WOMA. The high pressure water pump is the center piece of every WOMA high pressure water jetting system. Driven by particularly powerful and reliable electric motors or diesel engines, WOMA plunger pumps generate enormous pressures. This permanent technological challenge we meet every day with passion for technology and the highest standards of quality. As a distributor cleaning high pressure water jet pump of WOMA, we have supplied WOMA products to several well-known companies in Indonesia

High Pressure Pumps

The product range of high pressure water jetting pumps from WOMA offers plunger pumps with pressures up to 4,000 bar and a flow rate of up to 1,639 l / min.


High Pressure Units (Water Jetting Systems)

WOMA designs, manufactures and installs high pressure water jetting systems for operating pressures up to 3000 bar. Whether mobile or stationary, whether with diesel engine or electric motor - the configuration is flexible according to respective customer requirements.


Water Tools and Accessories

A comprehensive range of water jetting tools for ultra-high pressure water jetting completes the product range of WOMA GmbH.