Did you know most bearing failures are not caused by manufacturer’s defect? From not enough grease to too much grease, or improper repairs by an unauthorized shop – our service technicians have seen it all.

Regardless of the cause, bearing failure puts your operation at risk for unscheduled downtime and repairs.

Bearing failure can be prevented with proper maintenance and monitoring. Included below are some of the most common causes and solutions for preventing bearing failure in your liquid ring pump or compressor.

Cause of Failure: LUBRICATION

  • Incorrect seal liquid rates
  • Incorrect grease
  • Excess grease
  • Insufficient grease
  • Contamination of grease
  • Mixing grease types
  • Use only the grease recommended by Nash for your specific model and operating conditions.
  • Monitor packing leakage.
  • Do not over-grease bearings.
  • Check grease every 6 months, refill as needed.
  • DO NOT MIX GREASE – refill grease should be the same as the existing grease.
  • Refer to your manual for additional information, or contact NASH Certified Service.

Cause of Failure: PLUGGED DRIP TRAY

  • Water/seal liquid dripping from the stuffing box can backup and enter the bearing housing, contaminating the lubricant.
  • Keep the drip tray opening (drain) clean and clear of debris to allow water to exit freely.



  • Shaft alignment
  • “Soft” pump foot
  • Piping stress


  • Check coupling alignment – to spec
  • Check for soft foot – pump properly shimmed
  • Check for equal seal flow to each side of pump
  • Eliminate piping stress, when inlet is disconnected no misalignment
  • Monitor bearing temperatures and vibration weekly


Cause of Failure: IMPROPER REPAIR

  • Shafts machined in place
  • Bearing re-used after repair
  • Proper bearing installation not followed
  • Contact NASH Certified Service for evaluation.


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(source: http://www.gdnash.com/)

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